The Blue Pin GSR


Convenient. Low-Cost.

Robots are cool, and so should your hotel business! Our newest GSR robot helps you do just that, only with even more attractive and innovative features! Being the first of its kind, the Blue Pin GSR brings the entire guest interaction process (e.g. check-in, check-out) right to a simple touch of the screen, completed within MINUTES! Uniquely, our robot also features ‘on-the-spot payment’ and the distribution of hotel key cards, meaning that there is no need for long guests queues any more!

Tap, tap, done. All-in-one.
It is that simple to use our GSR robots! With a few simple taps on the screen, you can complete: online reservation confirmation, ID verification, hotel check-in/out, credit card payment, key card pick-up, and more! Yes, you are not dreaming, it is a truly ALL-IN-ONE experience, no staff, no help required! Oh right, and did we forget to mention that the entire process can be done within MINUTES?

Highly mobile, with great Accuracy.

Using our GSR, you can now check-in or out ANYWHERE within the hotel premise! Using our own-developed Indoor Positioning System IPS, our robots can accurately locate and mobilize themselves to any corners of the hotel, making the hotel experience smoother and more convenient for all guests!

Check-in at fingertips? Manage at fingertips!

You think guests checking in simply by touching is cool enough? Take this, your staff can manage an entire fleet of our GSR robots at the simple touch of a screen too! You can even do so remotely off-site! With our system, not only can you monitor the real-time location and activities of your robots, you can also receive real time data from the GSR guest users!

Leading Guests like a pro.

Our GSR is highly mobile, and can even guide your guests to their respective hotel rooms by itself! Having the most advanced motion detectors, along with our IPS technology, our guests can help your guests to their rooms with no effort!

24/7 smile, 24/7 service. Cost efficiency at its best.

Let’s face it, what’s not to like when you realise that our GSR robot can function 24 hours a day without rest, and can consistently uphold the high service standards throughout? Exactly, it is perfect. Not only is it cheap to install and maintain, but its value proposition is also extremely high! The GSR is the perfect, low-cost solution to relieve the work-stress and work-load of your hotel staff!



Scan ID  •  Self Check-in/out
  •  Online Reservation confirmation
Key card distribution  •  Go anywhere
  •  On-the-spot payment  •  24/7 service  •  Cost effective