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Effective Indoor Positioning Service

An effective indoor positioning system is built, in terms of low cost, high accuracy, Plug-and-Play infrastructure and good user experience, and it is actually employing a proprietary fusion algorithm (including optimised BLE beacons settings, site planning, multilateral positioning, noise reduction, changing events, special event handling and stabilisation etc.).

What Can We Do

EMSD Headquarter

Location: Kowloon Bay, HK, China
Duration: since August, 2019
Covered area: 6/F and 7/F (15ksqm)        

PolyU IC (Ind. Centre)

Location: Hung Hom, HK, China
Duration: since July, 2019
Covered area: 3/F (5k sqm)                                                                    

PolyU EIE Department

Location: Hung Hom, HK, China
Duration: since May, 2019
Covered area: E-Core 5/F and 6/F (10k sqm)                                                    


Location: Kowloon Tong, HK, China
Duration: Sept. 2018 - March 2019
Covered area: G/F, 1/F and 2/F (15k sqm)        

HKPCA Show 2019

Location: SZCEC in Shenzhen, China
Duration: Dec. 4~6, 2019
Covered area: Hall 1~4 and 9 (70k sqm)        

Fantasia Shopping Mall

Location: Huashengtang in Guilin, China
Duration: since Sept., 2018
Covered area: B1, 1~6/F (50k sqm)