Blue Pin is a startup formed by a group of Hong Kong expertises.
We are offering an effective Indoor Positioning System (IPS) for different venues, with functions including Navigation System, Asset Tracking, Robotics Localization, Footprint Data Analytics etc. Compared with the solutions in the market, we are able to provide one-stop effective solutions to the clients with low cost and better user experience. With our state-of-the-art Fusion Algorithm, we can provide quick IPS deployment even for exhibition shows. Our system has been used by different clients from Hong Kong and Mainland China with excellent performance feedback.

Make Creative Business with Blue Pin

Exhibition Centre

Features: Indoor Positioning, Indoor Navigation, Share Location, Event Check In, Advertisement, Analytics

Commercial Building

Features: Indoor Positioning, Indoor Navigation, Offline Footprint, Analytics


Features: Indoor Positioning, Indoor Navigation, Offline Footprint, Analytics

Shopping Mall

Features: Indoor Positioning, Indoor Navigation, Location advertising, Offline Footprint

Retail Store

Features: Asset Tracking System, HR Management, Offline Footprint

Smart Factory

Features: Asset Tracking System, Offline Footprint, Analytics


Features: Self Check In & Out, Advertisement


Enlighten the smart city with micro location


  • Endeavour to improve the accuracy of positioning technology
  • Lower the technological barrier for micro positioning application
  • Make the service viable and widely applied in the market
  • Value


    Our technological products are aiming to fulfil the needs of market applications


    We are open-minded to adopt different new technology specifications, and continuously improve our product services

    People Oriented

    We believe in human touch. Our technological invention is not to replace humans, but to integrate into our life so as to bring convenience.

    Contact Us

    Blue Pin HK Limited

    Unit 212, 2/F, Building 19W
    No. 19 Science Park West Avenue
    Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok
    N.T., Hong Kong

    +852 3905 4220

    [email protected]